CBD for skincare – All You Need to Know

CBD for Skincare - All You Need to Know

The skin is one of the most sensitive organs in the body. It is highly selective on the compounds it allows in. Natural compounds penetrate the skin though at a small rate. CBD is one of the natural compounds that the skin allows to penetrate. According to research, CBD has numerous benefits for your skin.

With marijuana finding its way into our social scenes, it makes a big sense to see it infiltrate the beauty industry too. Below are some ways on how CBD can help your skin.

How does CBD benefit your skin?

Do cannabis beauty products get you high? The answer is NO. There might be a big misunderstanding for a new CBD consumer to understand the difference between cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis. However, CBD is extracted from hemp plants that fall under the cannabis family.

CBD does not have psychoactive effects and it’s for this reason that it won’t get you high. Rather than getting you high, CBD helps you to get relieved from anxiety, pain and inflammation. Not only is it good inside the but also outside the body CBD oil can be a great wonder.

Studies have found that when CBD is topically applied outside the body it can be effective for dry skin and acne due to its anti-inflammatory effects that it has on the skin. When combined with hemp seed oil which is mostly present in topical CBD products it can have the potential of anti-aging.

The hemp seed oil contains vitamin C, E, A, and omega 3 fatty acids that are found in usual skincare treatments thus making it a quadruple whammy.

CBD for acne

Research confirms that acne is an inflammatory infection. Numerous factors trigger acne but we all know that anything applied to the skin is likely to soothe it. (at this point is where CBD is essential.)

Various studies conducted have confirmed that when applied to the skin CBD oil has anti-inflammatory benefits. The calming effects of CBD make the skin look better and finer. Also, according to another research CBD can decrease the excessive production of sebum oil because of its effect to balance the flow of oil in the skin.

However, despite all this good news scientists undertaking CBD research say that there is still more need for scientific studies to prove the initial results right.

CBD Oil for anti-aging and wrinkles

Being a plant extract, CBD oil is natural and also contains antioxidant properties. These properties help in diminishing the aging signs.

The anti-aging creams of CBD lessen the signs of aging that are visible such as skin dullness, ruddy skin tone, and wrinkles by reducing inflammation look and counteracting free-radical damage.

It is also important to note that CBD isn’t the only antioxidant cream available but it is the best in the market. There are other several antioxidant creams available and the more of them you apply to the skin the better it looks.

Sensitive skin and CBD oil

The soothing properties of CBD is a major plus for our skin. The ability of CBD oil to normalize and substantially calm the skin is essential in helping to minimize skin sensitivity, reactivity, and redness.

Environmental stressors play some role in skin sensitivity. The soothing properties of CBD play a big role in keeping your skin safe from any skin reactions.

How to choose the Best CBD for Your Skincare

There are numerous CBD products out there that claim to benefit your skin. Some are authentic and some are counterfeit. In extreme cases, the compounds labelled may not be present in the products. It is therefore important to understand what you are looking for and how it will benefit your skin.

It is still not clear about the amount of CBD your skin needs. We are all different in terms of genetics, so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Legitimate products will however try to label clearly the amount of CBD present and even go further to break down how to effectively use the product.

Another thing to look at carefully is the ingredients list. CBD is the main ingredient here and it should be present in a higher percentage than the rest of the ingredients. Other extracts like hemp seed oil should not confuse you, strictly look for Cannabidiol amount or some companies decide to use the abbreviation CBD, there is no problem.

Our skin is very sensitive to whatever is applied to it. Ensure you are getting the purest products in the market. To be sure about the purity of the products you are using, ask the company to produce third party lab testing certifications. Reputable and trusted companies like SwissLab CBD will surely produce it as evidence of purity.

Most skincare products become ineffective when exposed to air or too much light. Check on the packaging of the product that you want to purchase. No jars, transparent bottles, or containers that expose the product to light or air.

CBD products either for skincare or for other purposes are usually advertised in terms of the spectrum used. They can either be broad-spectrum, isolates, or full spectrum. These terms are not regulated but have proven to be great differentiators when it comes to choosing your product.

CBD Isolate means that it is only CBD that is available and not even traces of the other cannabinoids. Full-spectrum means all the active compounds in a cannabis plant that can be extracted are present, including THC. Broad-spectrum means all the active compounds that can be extracted from a cannabis plant are available except for THC.

When it comes to choosing your favourite product, it will depend on what you want to achieve. If you only require CBD, go for isolates. In case you want to benefit from CBD and other compounds without getting high, go for a broad spectrum.

Final Thoughts

Within a short time, cannabis beauty products will dictate the beauty industry. From all walks, aspects, real-life reviews and science, cannabis has proven to be of great benefit to the skin.

In the mainstream world of beauty, other essential skin beauty oils are gaining popularity and it is more obvious that gradually CBD will become a household name.

This is because there are more positive reviews from people using these products either for medicinal or recreational use. They are all happy with the products as they are natural and non-psychoactive plus numerous health benefits gained.

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