About Us

SwissLab CBD is the New Level of Quality!

At SwissLab CBD we are all about transparency in our products. We bring a change into the UK CBD market with the quality and safety of our products. We care about giving you the best Premium CBD every day.

Our Products

SwissLab is home to a wide range of Premium CBD products. We bring variety to the many diverse users of CBD.

CBD Oils

Our oils are optimised for fast absorption and performance. The icing on the cake? We embrace natural flavoring to maintain the purity of our products.

CBD Gummies

Pop one in the day and reap all the benefits of properly curated CBD. Gummies work best for anyone on the move. Let’s be on the move with you.

CBD E-Liquid

Trendy coupled with rapid action CBD vapes. Our E- Liquid range is free from any corrosive additives that may wreck havoc to your lungs. Flavored with fresh mints, feel free to enjoy our CBD vapes that come in different potencies.

CBD Skin Care

It is a natural and proven way to keep your skin moisturized, clean and dot free. We offer premium skin care products that you can easily integrate into your daily skin care routine. What is more, our products are made pure to fit all types of skin without any reactions.

What makes our products the best?

To start our pure and potent CBD journey, we source our hemp from US approved farms. Our CBD is squeezed from 100% organic hemp plants grown with zero herbicides, insecticides, desiccants, fungicides, soil fumigants, and growth regulators.

Co2 extracted: We take advantage of technological advancement to get the purest CBD extraction. Our non-solvent extraction method means lessened additives and optimal processing. We keep the cannabinoid and terpene profiles intact for maximum efficiency.

Broad spectrum: All our products are broad spectrum. Enjoy faster acting CBD with benefits lasting longer than your average CBD pack, thanks to the entourage effect. We achieve this without you worrying about failing THC tests or the psychoactive side effects from THC abuse.

Lab tested: We present every drop of our broad spectrum CBD products to accredited third party laboratories to confirm the purity and potency. We are transparent with the lab reports as presented for each of our products.