We got our First Team Review!

Swiss+CBD Bible

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog!

This week we got our first review by the CBD Bible! I know them since before starting our business. At that time I was doing lots of research in order to get as much information about this industry. It was very inspiring going through their articles. Basically I learned from scratch what CBD products are and also what are they useful for. I found here honest opinions about how this works, about all types of CBD products. These facts contributed in my decision to choose how SwissLab CBD will be shaped. The blog posts helped me to know better my competitors and to come up with a product range who can meet the market expectations.

A short time ago I wrote to them about SwissLab CBD and Harry got in touch the next day. After telling him our story and visiting our website, he offered to write an article about us, which made me very happy.

By creating these bonds, it makes us understand better how we are doing at a certain phase of our business and what we can improve to have more satisfied customers. Developing new products is also very important for each player in this industry. People also can do their research better by having honest sources of information in order to meet their needs. 

I truly think that by continuing to work together we can all shape a better future for the CBD industry!

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